Make your own pupusas, a famous salvadorean dish

Learn how to create El Salvador’s most famous dish by making your own “Pupusa” where a local “pupusera” will teach you how to make it and will explain about its ingredients. After preparing your own dish, you will have the opportunity to enjoy it.

For thousands of years, corn has played an integral part in sustaining the peoples of Mesoamerica. Pupusas are thick, hand formed cakes made of corn stuffed with either white cheese or ground pork and beans. After the filling has been put inside, the pupusas are grilled and served with “curtido”, pickled cabbage slaw, and a tomato sauce, for dipping.  The setting can be in the streets of a colonial town, the home of the “pupusera”, or in the middle of three volcanoes and will be complemented with other traditional dishes.