Colorful El Salvador

Central America is known as an incredible diverse region offering so many attractions in a small geographic area. Countries like Costa Rica and Guatemala first come to mind, but there is a country that is usually overlooked when thinking travel to the region: El Salvador.

The country offers many of the wonders of its neighbors but with the advantage of having less tourist crowds, providing for an authentic experience!

In El Salvador you can hike gorgeous volcanoes enjoying spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean, lakes and other volcanoes…


…reaching the edge of the crater and its sulfur lagoon.


You can trek different types of forests such as cloud forests or tropical dry forests…


…and feed bananas to friendly monkeys.

3.5 Mono

You can walk the streets of charming colonial towns witnessing the culture and traditions of a friendly country…

4_colonial town

And dye a scarf with Indigo blue, a natural colorant extracted from a plant and sacred to the Mayas who used it to paint their clothes and pottery.


You can explore by boat beautiful mangroves and pristine estuaries…


…release baby sea turtles into the Pacific Ocean…

7_baby turtle

…or participate in a conservation expedition to protect the Hawksbill Sea Turtle in their most important nesting area within all the Eastern Pacific.

8_sea turtle

You can pick coffee along with locals…


…and learn about the production process at the beneficio.


If you prefer chocolate, you can taste the criollo cacao, one of the highest quality in the world.


You can make your own pupusa! Our main typical food.


You can visit a Maya Pyramid…


And also visit a unique place in the Maya World: a village that was covered by an eruption and now is a window to the past showing how the common people lived within their homes.


You can visit a rural school, sharing wonderful moments with local children and supporting our local nonprofit organization.


You can relax in the warm waters of the Pacific Ocean.


But most importantly, you will always remember the friendly people of El Salvador!