Sea Turtles Tour

General Facts:
Time:  12 Hours
Departure:  6.30am
Service:  Private
Operates:  Daily
Difficulty: Easy
Price includes:   Private vehicle, private driver/guide, lunch, sea turtle tour (donation to project), mangroves boat tour, sales tax.
SEASONALITY: Tour can be done any day of the year, but for sea turtles release, the months are AGUST – JANUARY



  • Light clothes
  • Swim suit
  • Sunscreen
  • Hat

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This amazing tour will take us to Eastern El Salvador. The relatively long drive (about 3 hours) will be worth it since we will be participating in a sea turtle release program at El Icacal beach.

El Salvador has coasts only on the Pacific Ocean and El Icacal is one of the most beautiful beaches in the country. There is also a beautiful estuary with mangroves where we will also enjoy a boat ride with a local guide. We will enjoy lunch in a charming beachfront restaurant.

Four species of sea turtles nest at this beach: Carey (hawksbill sea turtle), Golfina (olive ridley sea turtle), Prieta (green sea turtle) and Baule (Leather Back sea Turtle). The nesting season goes from late May to December and at El Icacal, most of them nest during the night. A sea turtle egg takes about 45 days to hatch and this is why the best time to experience the tour release is from August to January (releasing baby sea turtles depend on nature and cannot be 100% guaranteed).

A special sea turtle conservation project takes place at El Icacal, where the eggs are kept on a man-made nest in order to avoid the selling of the eggs. You will learn about this process during the tour as well.

During this tour, we also visit a rural school that is sponsored by our non-profit organization.

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