El Salvador, Meaningful and Beautiful


Arrival to El Salvador International airport. Transfer to Hotel or based on arrival time, visit San Salvador City…or La Libertad Pier.

Selling fresh seafood at La Libertad Pier.

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Coconut drink!

Travel to El Salvador

Wood workshop making traditional toys “capiruchos, trompos and yo-yos”.


Today we will visit Volcanoes National Park, a Unesco Biosphere Reserve, where we will learn to make pupusas and will participate in activities with local community through our own nonprofit organization Share Smiles.

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View of Izalco Volcano from Cerro Verde with Pacific Ocean in the background.

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Group learning to make their own pupusas, El Salvador typical dish.

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GreenBueRed and Share Smiles support communities with tourism potential.


Today we will visit “Las Gordinflonas” archaeological site, learning its history from a local guide. We will also learn about the coffee production process and its importance to the local people.

A unique archaeological site, Las Gordinflonas, “The fat ones”.

Marvelous hands that clean our coffee.

Beautiful coffee plantations, an important source of income for local families.


Today we will visit San Salvador Volcano and learn about corn making our own tortillas. Continue to charming Suchitoto.

Working the corn with grinding stones.

Making tortillas and pupusas from corn.

“Minutas” at the main plaza of Suchitoto Town.


Today we will visit charming Suchitoto, and visit an Indigo farm and participate in a workshop benefiting local artisans and music groups.

Stirring indigo during oxygenation process.

Indigo workshop with local artisan.



On our way to Eastern El Salvador, we will visit a Unesco Biosphere Reserve, Jiquilisco Bay, where we enjoy a boat tour with local guides and learn about cacao production.

Taking a picture of a monkey and its baby.

Local lady working at cacao plantation.

Local guide leading boat tour through the bay.


El Icacal is a beautiful beach where our nonprofit works with the local community and schools. We will visit a rural school and play with the kids. We will also learn and participate in a local sea turtle conservation program. Four species of sea turtles nest in El Icacal.

Local school children receiving group with flags and performances.

Local children selling the national flower, Flor de izote, and showing their Share Smiles backpacks.

Local children playing soccer at sunset at El Icacal beach.


Optional activities and transfer to airport.

Boat tour within mangroves.

Carlos, in charge of local sea turtle nursery.

Releasing baby sea turtles.