Become a biologist for a day and learn about sea turtles.

Visit Jiquilisco Bay, a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve and become part of a group of biologist who, through their local nonprofit, conduct conservation efforts to save the endangered Hawksbill Sea Turtle.

Four species of sea turtles nest in El Salvador: Baule (leatherback turtle), Carey (hawksbill turtle), Golfina (olive ridley turtle) and Prieta (green turtle); all of them considered endangered species.  Biologists will provide an introductory lecture about the conservation work around sea turtles.  Then, we will head into the ocean and witness how they safely capture an adult turtle in order to study it. The information obtained goes to a master database which provides valuable insight regarding this marvelous species.  The research focuses on the    Hawksbill turtle.  Recent estimates reveal than only 200 females are left on the Eastern Pacific, and Jiquilisco Bay is their main nesting point.  The turtle is safely released back into the ocean.