Lunch at the Beach

Time: 7 hours

Required connection: 6 hours

Maximum departure time: 10:00 AM

Service: Private

Operates: Daily

Difficulty: Easy

Price Include: Private vehicle with A/C, lunch, complimentary bottled water, and local taxes.


Recommendations: there are no specific recommendations.

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Today we will visit Costa del Sol Beach, located just 40 minutes away from El Salvador International Airport. You will rest and enjoy the facilities of a beach front hotel; you will visit Estero de Jaltepeque, its mangrove forest, sand bars, floating restaurants and will be able to witness its diverse flora and fauna. You will also have the opportunity to enjoy lunch and a variety of snacks that will give you the opportunity to taste Salvadorean cuisine.

It also exist the option of add activities, like kayaking or paddle boarding, for those who like water activities (extra cost).